According to eMarketer, mobile travel booking is on the rise and expected to grow to 76.3% of people (vs. just 45.9% in 2015) -- which means $94.03 billion in sales vs. just $52.03 billion this year.  And in the past year, conversion rates have grown 88% on mobile travel sites, according to Google Analytics.

These upward trends signify yet another way in which mobile is changing people's behaviors and the decision-making process throughout the customer journey. 

To gain a better understanding of how mobile impacts travelers’ decision making, we surveyed our members and heard from over 10,000 consumers about their airline and hotel preferences in a two part survey.

Download the study now to learn: 

  • How consumers are leveraging mobile at various stages of the travel process
  • What travelers want out of the mobile experience 
  • How airlines and hotels can leverage mobile to increase brand loyalty
  • How mobile will affect the travel industry in the future